How Many of these Pinoy Urban Legends do You Know?


The Philippines -- Cebu, included of course -- has a colorful culture and history. This miscellany is reflected in its collection of urban legends handed down through generations., dedicates a series of urban legends for the new generation. Click on the links below to read more about these disturbing stories. And if there are some that you know of, feel free to send us your contribution.

First Collection

Source: Alpapito, Wikimedia Commons

Our first collection of urban legends contains the following stories:

  • The Cursed Lapu-Lapu Monument
  • Wayway the Spitter
  • The Milling Company's Pet Kogtong
  • The Cat Siopao
  • The Sigbin
  • Maria Labo

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Other Stories Shared in 2018

Source: The Courier Mail

It appeared that many of our readers love their spooky tales. So we decided to throw in more tales from our resident creepy stories contributor: