Banana Q

Filipino people always treat eating as their favorite pastime, and because of this they can’t help but gain weight. Other people still prefer to have some snacks even they have eaten their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

However, most of Filipino people eat snacks in the afternoon. Some of people who are better off usually eat on restaurants, or in their houses. They eat sandwiches with juice or order a pizza with softdrinks. Eating snacks are not bad to our health, we just have to choose what’s the best snack. The better alternative would be to eat some fruits rich in nutrients. As an ordinary girl here in Philippines, we eat cheaper alternatives. One of our food options can really be enough for a Filipino's stomach, but with a reasonable price. It is called a Banana Q.

Banana Q is a deep fried banana coated with brown sugar. The best banana you can use in cooking Banana Q is Saba (it must not so ripe but enough to be cooked). They use brown sugar because it is sweeter and it sticks to the banana as u fry it. It is also skewered on bamboo stick, so that it would be easy to eat and hold. I assure you after you ate Banana Q you will love it!

It is easy to prepare a Banana Q. You can cook this either to your own family or start a small business. You can start at a low money capital, but you must insert efforts to your business. Many Filipino sell this in streets because of its popularity to all Filipino citizens.

I will teach you how to cook a Banana Q. Just prepare the ingredients. Follow the steps and enjoy your snack with your owned cooked banana Q.


½ kilo of oil

1 tablespoon of vanilla flavor

¼ brown sugar

6-10 pieces of banana

barbeque sticks

Step 1:

You must prepare your ingredients. Put your pan on top of the flame.

If the pan is hot enough, put the oil.

Step 2:

When you see the oil starting to boil, add the vanilla flavor.

After 30 seconds you can add the sugar.

Step 3:

If the sugar starts to be sticky you can now put the banana. If the banana has a right

brown color, use a steel strainer so that the oil will subside.

Step 3

You can now place it in a barbeque stick!

It's easy right? So, what are you waiting for? Serve your family with your own cooked banana Q, I’m sure they will like this one!! Enjoy your snack and be happy. If you haven't done your banana Q right, you can try again.