Native Filipino Food at Waka-Waka Grill in Cebu

Craving for grilled Filipino food? Let Waka-waka Grill satisfy your cravings.

I'm pretty sure the name Waka-waka rings a bell. Shakira popularized this song.  But one of the owners, who generously spent a few minutes of her time to entertain us despite her busy schedule, gamely said Waka-waka for them means "bringing you only the best of native Filipino grilled food and anything you want" in their restaurant.

What you can find at Waka-waka Grill:

  • It serves all-time grilled favorites such as pork barbeque, special native original or spicy chorizo, pork belly, squid, shrimp and a variety of fish.

  • It likewise offers boneless lechon belly, tuna belly, sizzling pork, squid and shrimp sisig

  • Prices are very affordable ranging from P20 to 280.

  • It exudes a barrio fiesta mood, which is very relaxing for customers.

  • Bring your friends and jam with its two local bands that play cool music every Friday and Saturday.

  • If you find it a must to have fruits as part of your meal, a fruit stand is within reach as it occupies a little space in front of the restaurant.

  • It has a parking space to provide convenience to customers.

  • Another come-on is the Waka-waka Car Wash, which is also available just within the restaurant premises.

  • No holidays! It is open daily from 10:00 a.m.

Waka-waka Grill is located at Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City. You can take jeepney, taxi or your private vehicle to get there. Note that it has parking space.