The Best Places to Dine in Cebu

A few months ago, I decided to give the island of Cebu a try. I have a handful of Cebuano colleagues so I was pretty much aware of how to get around the place – and well, where to dine while in Cebu.

Actually, the very reason why I wanted to visit Cebu was because of its food. Cebu’s reputation for having the best dishes precedes it. Dining in Cebu seems to be a promising experience. So I packed my bags and headed down to this renowned Queen of the South.

Contrary to what the Internet portrays it to be, there is more to Cebu than its resorts and beaches. It is a highly-industrialized and relatively entertaining spot. The residents are uber friendly and the accommodations are glorious. Armed with my map and my “where to dine in Cebu” printout, I began my quest of discovering what really makes Cebu a tourista’s haven.

My first stop was Ayala Center Cebu. Cebuano restaurants in Ayala were everywhere! I dined in four Cebuano restaurants in a span of 6 hours – by Cebuano restaurants, I mean those which serve Filipino or Cebuano specialties, ayt? The Cebuano dishes were nothing but SUPERB!!!

Day one of Cebu dining proved to be a success.

Day two:

My next food trip was a place fascinatingly called “IT Park”. IT Park is located at a very close proximity to Ayala Center Cebu. The I2 building was a food aficionado’s paradise. My mouth was already watering at the mere sight of these restaurants. My first thought was: I wish I had more time to dine in Cebu!

At the end of the day, I could only manage to binge at 3 of the best restaurants in IT Park Cebu. It was indeed a satisfying experience