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Tips: Cebu Internet Cafes

For someone who has tried going Internet café hopping for purposes that include printing, scanning, surfing and chatting, perhaps one has already a good set of practical information worth sharing to others who want to indulge in a “sulit” (worthwhile) online session. I won’t be able to share much on the gaming aspect since I am not really into it. Admit it, not everyone has ever reliable computers at home to do their tasks. One just had to step out of the comforts of their home to finish important things.

Tip number one. Most affordable and decent internet cafes are just around any school area. Of course, the students being their target clients, their prices simply had to be that affordable. The sensational “Piso” print or one peso print has really helped a lot save up especially those who have to print reports of many pages. Imagine, the regular fee in cafes would be around 5 Php per page. That’s only for the black and white printing. And the cost increases for larger colored images. You’d surely be drained of budget if you are not wary as to where you must do these tasks. Do some good research and you’ll surely land on a decent yet affordable cafe.

Small but airconditioned internet cafes in Cebu City can be a good place to start with. Piso prints are available. However try to confirm the prices for their long page printing first. They have staff to cater to your printing needs without the delay. Scanning will cost you 10 PHP. Online session is 10 PHP per hour. Not bad for a fast speed internet connection. There are also cafes in Sanciangko area near University of Cebu in Colon as well as in USC- Main area. Some offer 2 peso print per page. If you want convenience, there are internet cafes in major malls too.

A Mail and More outlet in Angeles City. Mail and More is a large internet cafe chain in the Philippines. Image taken from Wikipedia.

Regardless of your choice of place, never forget to clear your PC’s history details especially the passwords entered. Be careful too whenever you plug your flash drive. Viruses are just about anywhere. Prices involved should be considered, yet don’t forget your own safety too.