Coffee, Milk Tea, or Me?

Last year it was frozen yogurt; this year it’s all about tea – specifically, milk tea. This English craze has caught the attention of Cebuanos. Now sinkers are popping up all over the place! Here are some of my favorite milk tea stations from around the city. Unlike the commercialized chains, these teahouses are a lot more unique. They’re not too sweet, not to artificial.

Bubbletea Station

Where: Banilad Town Center, Cebu City (right by the main entrance)

Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm daily

What: Hot – P75, Regular – P80, Large – P90

Best Sellers: Classic Milk Tea, Wintermelon Fruit Tea, and Dark Chocolate with Rock Salt & Cheese

Sinkers: pearl, nata de coco, coffee jelly @ P15 each

What else: assorted cookies

TIP: Check out for updates, as they have promos that change every now & then. Really great deals on really good tea!


Where: G/F Skyrise 1, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

Hours: 8:00am – 3:00am daily

What: Hot tea without Pearl, P60

Milk tea with Pearl, P60-70

Flavored tea with Lychee nata, P65

Sinkers: Pearl, Nata de Coco, Coffee Jelly, Bubble Pop @P15 each

What else: Breakfast

Yoghurt, P70-80,

Yoghurt toppings, P10-P35,

Smoothies, P75

French fries, P55

The place is super cute! You can have breakfast. Take photos. Play cards and take photos again. Drink tea and take more photos!

Heart Tea Booth

Where: I1, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

Hours: 8:00am – 2:00am, Mon-Sat

What: All-natural teas, no added sugar nor artificial flavoring, all about “health teas”

Milk tea, P45-60

Fruit flavored tea, P50-65 all natural

Best Sellers: Basil health drink, P50-65

Coffee konjac milk tea, P50-65 (healthier than regular coffee jelly)

Tapioca milk tea, P50-65 (chewy not sticky)

Sinkers: konjak, basil seeds, popping yoghurt

You MUST TRY the popping pearl! It explodes with lychee juice as you bite into it!

Bon Appetea

Where: Branches in Salinas Drive, Lahug and cor. Apitong Street and Archbishop Reyes Road

What: Milk teas, P60-70; Fruit teas 60-70

Best Sellers: Morocco Nights, Blossom Dreams, Kathmandu, Black Dragon, and Dulce de Leche, Buddha’s tears, Mango Madness, and Fire & Ice

They love their customers. Don’t be surprised if you & your friends wind up on Facebook or Instagram.