Stretching Your “Peso” For Food Items: Possible!

Money nowadays has become a very scarce resource, yet people would always find ways to get a good set of meal everydat. Food is one of the fundamental needs of humans, hence it makes perfect sense to learn how to stretch your hard-earned Peso and get its worth. Having a good meal need not cost a lot, but it takes careful planning. To have nutritious and tasty meals, there are ways to personalize a small budget and still get the same result. By doing so, you will have more budget for other important needs of the family as well. Knowledge on such simple skills could really help.

#1. For starters, make sure you have a list of the must-buys before going to the grocery store. This is actually very important to avoid wasting money by picking what you see along the aisle, though some changes with the list can be made as you go.

#2. Buying foods in season is also one way to stretch your peso. It’s simple logic actually. More supply usually means lesser price. Pick the cheapest with a good quality. For this month of October, the supply of Lanzones is really great. You can really compare its price as compared when it’s not in season.

#3. Learn to buy food of good quality. It would be useless to buy sour oranges because it’s cheap. Obviously, no one in the family would want to eat it. If you have time to spare, you can grow your own garden of vegetables. You are sure to pick a fresh supply of vegetables when you need it at a zero cost.

#4. For people on the go, it pays to bring your own “baon” meal. Food items in eateries and restaurants would always cost more. Business is always business. Save your money instead.

#5. Go for grocery stores that offer lesser prices for their goods. As far as I know, Colonnade in Colon and Metro Gaisano’s supermarket offers reasonable prices.

#6. Learn to buy at a convenient time. Otherwise, you might buy messily hence wasting both precious time and money.

#7. When buying canned goods, practice reading the labels carefully. Compare brands as fancy labels do not always offer good quality.

#8. Remember that meat is not the only source of protein out there. You can use beans, eggs or tokwa instead. Aside from being cheaper, it is also very good for the health.

#9. Buying large quantities of food items is fine if the price per unit is lesser. Make sure though that you have enough space for storage and will be consumed before it spoils.

I’m pretty sure that there are more ways to stretch your Peso than what I have written here. Just keep in mind to practice all these practical and very helpful steps to a better meal planning.