Horror Stories About Schools in Cebu City to Give You the Creeps

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Are you a high school or college student in Cebu? If yes, then you must have at least heard one of these stories or beliefs.

Hello, pretties. A month from now, the Ghost Month will officially begin. What better way to start it than to share scary stories about your schools. And of course, since a lot of students have just started then SY 2018-2019 today.

USC South's Minda Mora

The Rudolf Rahmann Cultural Center is haunted. Just ask USC South Campus alumni. There is an urban legend told about a girl who was killed by a night guard in the room she was staying behind the stage of the school late at night. The guard was doing his rounds when he saw a room behind the stage lit up. When he got there to check, he saw the girl thinking she was hiding and killed her. Some stories say she was raped also. Now, when students practice in the theater they’ll hear the girl’s cries and the room will light up all by itself.

CNU- The Girls' Bathroom

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There was a possession in the girl’s bathroom of CNU when a girl noticed her reflection smiled at her. She was then acting hysterical and left the restroom to just stand and stare at the ceiling. The story says that she stopped dead in her tracks because there was a cross near the ceiling. She was then exorcised and they found out that there was some writing behind the mirror. They blessed and covered it up with a new mirror.

UP's Restrooms

Source: http://politics.com.ph

The restrooms in UP (in its main building and new buildings) are actually haunted. When people use it alone, they can hear someone knock on the door they are using or someone using the stall next to them when no one is there. Some stories even add that the lights turn off all by themselves. Some have heard screams coming from empty stalls.

How about you, any tales to tell?

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