Top 5 Soya Products For Every Cebuano

I bet the general public would correlate the word “soya” with the ever famous food Tofu or “Tokwa”. Well it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge the fact that there are numerous soya products out there waiting to be known. Read on and be enlightened on the different soybean products.

Soybeans are small, oval-shaped and actually vary in color. You may see red, black, yellow, green or light brown ones. These have good amounts of fat content, protein, fiber, iron and vitamins as well. It can help decrease depression, sleeplessness, reduce hypertension and cholesterol levels. Soybean products can be bought in the grocery, convenience stores, or even just outside our very homes.

Bean Curd. This is otherwise known as Tofu or Tokwa. I’ve learned to appreciate this food item when we went to Singapore where people value it. It’s actually tasty and very nutritious at that. This is made from thick soya milk that is coagulated, drained, and shaped.

Taho. “Tahoooooooooooo”. Every Cebuano must have heard and tasted this very popular street food being sold by the friendly walking vendor usually early in the morning. This is a product of coagulated soya milk which has been set into glasses mixed with syrup and sago. Perfect for a quick healthy snack at a very low cost.

Soya Milk. Not all people find this that taste-appealing yet it can really be very nutritious if you are looking for a quick drink to replenish your thirst. This is made from yellow beans that were soaked then ground with water before being boiled and filtered. It might be nice to know that this milk is actually richer in protein than the cow’s milk! It also packed with iron, and is cholesterol-free. You can choose from vanilla, custard, and strawberry flavors. Of course, this is best served when chilled.

Soy Sauce. True, we may easily associate this one with Silver Swan or Camel Soy Sauce. This is a dark and salt sauce made by fermenting soya beans and roasted grain. This has become a regular condiment to Filipino cuisines.

Salted Black Beans. These are boiled black soybeans locally known as “Tausi”. With it, you can flavor well your chicken and fish dishes.

Photos courtesy of ludwig simbajon, Emily Barney, fritish.