All About MEPZ in Mactan Cebu

The Mactan Economic Processing Zone (MEPZ) is an industrial tax-free zone.  There are two MEPZ zones in Cebu: MEPZ 1 and MEPZ, both located in Lapu-Lapu City. Both zones employ thousands of skillful workers and manufacture world-class quality products.

MEPZ 1 is a 120 hectares industrial zone which started to operate since 1986 with only 8 establishments. And as the years passed by and Lapu-Lapu City continues to grow, many companies now operate in the zone which now has approximately more than 100 companies. Some of the products being manufactured in the zone include semi-conductors, watches, fashion accessories, jewelries and many others. These products are exported to other countries such as Japan and United States. Thus, these products are really made in good quality. MEPZ 1 is just few meters away from the Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA).

MEPZ 2, which is specifically located in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, is smaller compared to MEPZ 1 – approximately 63 hectares with more or less 50 locators. It is 4 km away from MCIA and 10 km away from the heart of Cebu City. MEPZ 2 is managed through the partnership of Aboitizland Inc.., Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority and Philippine Economic Zone Authority – a good example of private and government agencies working hand in hand. Most of the firms in the zone are Japanese owned. The same with MEPZ 1, most of the products in MEPZ 2 are electronic, automotive, garments and even medical products that are being exported not only in Japan but also in U.S. and other countries.

MEPZ 1 and MEPZ 2 are not always busy with their production whole year round. There are activities created for employees to enjoy and escape from the stressfull production job. One of these activities is the annual Sportsfest wherein workers can enjoy and participate in all activities.  Also, there is also the annual Fun Run which is held during the sportsfest’s awarding day. Many workers are really looking forward for this event.

If you are unemployed or planning to look for another job then, you might be interested to visit MEPZ. Since there are hundreds of manufacturing firms inside the zone, hirings are non-stop. You can find different job vacancies- from production worker to managerial positions. You can find these job vacancy postings in the bulletin boards which are placed outside or near the main gate of the zone. Some employers provide boxes near the bulletin or in the main gate so any interested applicants can just drop their resumes and applications in the boxes and wait until the employer calls for an interview or examination. Make sure to make an impressive resume since there are hundreds of applicants to compete with. If you want to work in a manufacturing environment then, include MEPZ 1 and MEPZ 2 in your job hunting plans.

You have to take note that if you are not an employee in MEPZ you are not allowed to enter the industrial zone. And don’t ever think that the security guards cannot identify you because MEPZ employees have special MEPZ stickers on their company IDs. If you failed to present your company ID then, that definitely means no entry. For employees who have vehicles, they are required to secure a MEPZ sticker as a gate pass for P50.00. For suppliers and contractors, they also need to secure MEPZ sticker worth P400.00 to P600.00. The vehicle stickers for employees, suppliers and contractors are only valid for one year. Hence, they have to buy another sticker the following year. So if you want to get inside the MEPZ premises, it is helpful if you have contacts or appointments set. Another way is to plead with the Security Guards and present a valid ID. Keep in mind that they are only following orders.