5 Universities in Cebu that are Making Waves Nationwide

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In recent years, Cebu's universities have become formidable forces in national board exams.

It is not surprising to see students from Cebu universities topping board exams. USC, CIT-U, CNU and UC are just some of the popular schools that have made Cebu proud.


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University of San Carlos is a great performing private school which bags the achievers and the global competition as well.  It is with great facilities and a lot of courses to choose from. Just be prepared to see purses and lipsticks everywhere you go (where do they even place their learning materials or is make up their source of knowledge).


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University of Cebu is a great university that balances academic and extra-curricular activities for the students. It is a topnotch school that influences its students to roam Cebu anywhere and be proud and loud wherever they go. Just text them if you don’t believe me (jejeje).


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Formerly known as Cebu State College, Cebu Normal University is a university to look out for especially in its nursing and education discipline. It is a globally-competitive school that has rich colonial history. This is a school that shows its true colors and if you don’t believe me, just get out of the closet and see the students flaunt it with their pride and flamboyant attitudes.

UP Cebu

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University of the Philippines is not one to shy away from lists of prestigious universities. It is the number one public university in the country and is known for its academic excellence, power and independence. This is a school that rallies up its grades and anything that can be made into an issue.


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University of San Jose-Recoletos is another private school like USC only this university is scandalous with its students and their lives filled with learning, extra-curricular activity and much more outside of school. USJR has its fill of scandals though, even more so than other universities in Cebu.

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