Affordable FMIS / Accounting System Software

Financial Management Information System is designed for robust enterprise transactions that includes customer and sales management, payables, supply-chain management, warehousing, accounting and finance for trading businesses.
FMIS is a strategic tool that can leverage an organization in making its operations transparent and efficient.
With FMIS, your business can accurately generate real-time Financial Statements, multiple warehouse inventories, aging of Accounts Receivables and Payables, simplified bank reconciliation and follow standard ERP procedures.
Comprehensive Aging on AP/AR. Allows the users to monitor and manage payables and receivables with ease.
Multiple Warehouse Inventory Management. Allows you to transfer stocks from one warehouse to another with unlimited warehouse capabilities.
Real-time Financial Statements with subsidiary ledgers. On the fly, the user can print and view Financial Statements with drill down to transactions.
Simplified Bank Reconciliation. Automated booked cash value versus bank balances.
Item Components feature can be used in monitoring items that needs to be assembled before it can be sold.

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