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A Taste of Angel’s Burger at a Very Down-To-Earth Cost

Right at the middle of our work, we often find our stomach grumbling and asking for food. Yes we may have eaten our breakfast, lunch and dinner, yet at some point, we know we must gobble something again. Too much work can really help hasten digestion. We look for a place that’s open 24 hours a day. There are McDonalds, Jollibee, and the growing franchise, Angel’s Burger. All these offer Burger patties that are almost equally salivating, yet differ tremendously with their prices.

Taking a closer look

Look at the nearest corner or intersection and you will probably see a yellow-colored burger stand with the “Angel’s Burger” signboard. Its being highly accessible makes it irresistible to the public. If you’re hungry, it is right outside your village or area. No need to hop on a vehicle to reach the place. Aside from that, it is very affordable. You can get two burgers for P23.00! That’s a whole lot of a catch! Cheeseburgers can be bought at P33.00 and you can get one free. Sandwiches are also sold at reasonable prices and bundled together with juices and soft drinks. You can really have a wide variety of choices in just a small burger stand.

If you are used to eating burgers from Jollibee, McDonald’s or Flame It, you might find Angel’s burger a little different but it still have a decent taste and can still fill your empty stomachs. Food preparation process seems pretty neat and safe too. However, just as with all other food shops, it really pays to observe the actual food preparation process if possible.

Currently, Angel’s Burger has several branches all over Cebu. Check on these nearby shops and be amazed with their super “sulit” (worthwhile) food options at extremely half the regular cost.

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