Cafe Laguna

Cafe Laguna shall bring pride to the Philippines and bring out the best in Filipino culture through the food business by expanding globally. Filipinos abroad as well as foreigners can taste Filipino food provided by homegrown company, 100% Filipino owned restaurant.

Banquet Functions Package


* PA System / BGM (background music)

* Centerpiece for Buffet

* Centerpiece for individual tables

* Use of Venue for three (3) – four (4 hours maximum) depends on availability.

* Cake table/ Gift table

* Free one (1) round of softdrinks

Extra Charges

* Softdrinks (regular)/ canned

* Beer (regular)

* Juices & Shakes

* Coffee / Tea

* Free flowing coffee

* Corkage for Liquor (brought in by customer)

* Corkage for Lechon (brought in by customer)

* Whole Lechon ordered through us

* Electric current charge for electronic equipments brought in by customer

* LCD Projector w/ widescreeen

* Widescreen

* Overtime Charge(In excess of 4 hours)

* Chocolate Fountain


* Ballroom, with a capacity of 300 persons

* Small Function rooms for a group of 30 – 120 persons

* Banquet Services:

o Buffet

o Plate Service

o Ala Carte

* Menus available for:

o Breakfast

o Morning snack / Afternoon snack

o Lunch

o Dinner

o Mirienda Cena

o Cocktails

Wedding Package


* Free use of Banquet Hall for maximum of three (3) hours to four (4) hours (depending on availability)

* Quality Sound System (background music and Public Address System, CD Audio Player)

* Stage

* Podium

* Free one (1) round of softdrinks

* Cake Table, Registration table, and Table for the Gifts

* Bottle of Sparkling Wine or White Wine for Couple Toasting

* Fresh Flowers Centerpiece for Presidential Table and Buffet table

* Individual Flowers for each Guest Table

* Place cards for Sponsors

* Assured parking Space for Bridal Car

* No Service Charge

Extra Charges

* Softdrinks (regular-dispenser)canned

* Beer (regular)

* Juices & Shakes

* Coffee / Tea

* Corkage for Liquor (brought in by customer)

* Corkage for Lechon (brought in by customer)

* Corkage for Roasted Calf (brought in by customer)

Electric Current Charge

* Spotlight for Video/ Pictorials and other small equipment

* Band Performance (Lights & Sounds)

* Chocolate Fountain

We Can Arrange These for You

* Lechon can be ordered thru us

* A pair of doves with decorated cage can be requested at

* Referrals for Wedding Coordinators

* Reception Lay-out Design

* Band Equipments and Lights Referral

* Strings Quartet referral