Basic Tips to Lessen Electricity and Water Bills

Nowadays, man has learned to consume more energy for a variety of reasons—some are reasonable enough, while some others simply do not know how to conserve energy. Because of such recklessness, a number of households now have higher water and electricity bills. Sometimes we simply need to learn how to conserve energy and not just whine over MCWD or VECO’s unjustifiable charges.

Here are some basic tips which can really help us have a fresh start to energy conservation:

• The usual culprit for soaring electricity bills is the failure to switch off unused lights. Switch it off when you leave a room.

• Pick bulbs that are energy savers. Learn to ask the staff from the hardware shop on this matter and I’m sure they can recommend one at your budget.

• Regularly dust your bulbs and lighting fixtures to prolong their lifespan and efficiency.

• Use as much as natural light as possible. During the day, it is best to employ the natural sunlight. Not only do we conserve energy, it is actually good for our skin’s health.

• Use lamps versus general lighting fixtures to minimize costs. It is always better to use a single higher wattage bulb rather than two or three lower wattage ones.

• Though taking a shower seems a lot easier to do, practice using a “tabo” to lessen your bills. Fill up a pail and bathe using a “tabo” if you want to save up a bit. Filling up closed pails or containers can also help you save all the hassle whenever there’s a water cutoff or shortage.

• Never leave the water running when washing face, brushing teeth or when applying soap. Take time to put off the faucet or shower in between those.

I know we are guilty on some of these common mistakes. But it is never too late to make adjustments for the betterment right? 

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