10 Great Game Ideas for Your Christmas Party - Part I

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The first “ber” month is almost over. We bet Filipinos are now busy getting ready with their Christmas shopping lists, Christmas parties, programs and more.

Whether it be your office party or a small get-together with relatives, games are always present (in addition to karaoke, lechon, spaghetti and gift exchanges).

Here are some great game ideas for your upcoming Christmas party.

Paper Dance

This game allows you to use your, uh, creativity. Quick thinking is required. And of course, great teamwork. First, find a partner. 


  1. Prepare a spread of newspaper for each couple.
  2. Every player must choose a partner.
  3. Give each team paper.
  4. The paper will be folded in half during each round.
  5. The players must dance if the music is on and automatically step on the paper once the music stops, without falling off the paper's borders.
Source: Hector Cajoles, YouTube

Trip to Jerusalem (Musical chairs)

Turn on the music, listen and prepare your butt to battle against any player to get a chair.


  1. Arrange the chairs to form a circle.
  2. The chair must be one fewer than the players.
  3. One player will be eliminated each round.
  4. Dance when the music is on.
  5. Once the music stops, scramble to find a chair to sit on.
  6. The player that has no seat/chair will be eliminated until only a player remains and win.
Source: PRRD realworld, YouTube

Statue Dance

Dance, dance, STOP! You must listen to the song and stop moving if the music stops.


  1. There must be a Dj or music operator.
  2. You should choose dance to the music when the music plays.
  3. Stop when it stops.
  4. Anyone who moves when the music stops will be eliminated until only one player remains
Source: Johannes Spangenberg, YouTube

Blow the Balls

Breath in, breath out, breath in, HOLD! Prepare your lungs to blow the ball.


  1. Collect 6 plastic cups and fill each cup with water (up to the brim).
  2. Line 6 cups together in one row and the other in another row.
  3. Get a ping-pong ball and place on each row’s first cup of water.
  4. The players must blow their own balls to transfer it to the next cup until they reach the 6th one.
  5. The one who finishes first wins.
Source: Android Team, YouTubeBreath in, breath out, breath in, HOLD! Prepare your lungs to blow the ball. Mechanics: Collect 6 plastic cups and fill

Bring Me

This game needs a host. Every person in the room can join in on the game.


  1. Listen to the host.
  2. The host will ask for an item, “Bring me a _____”
  3. If you (somehow) have that item, rush to give it to the host.
  4. The first person to bring that item to the host wins.
Source: KATE LEUNG, YouTube

Penguin Waddle Relay

It’s an easy game, anyone can participate.


  1. Make two teams with the same number of players. Every team must form a line.
  2. Get a chair and put it 5 meters away from each team.
  3. Give the first player on the teams and they should put the balloons between their legs and waddle.
  4. They should waddle and walk around the chair and get back to the line. They should pass the balloon to the next player. The first team to finish wins.
Source: SCRKmom1186, YouTube

Rapid Fire

Your weapon is a rubber band. Your goal: to knock down as many cups or cans as possible.


  1. Arrange 6 plastic cups or empty cans to form a pyramid.
  2. The player must be 3 meters away from the cups/cans.
  3. The player that could turn down the pyramid (all the cups/cans) wins!
Source: Outscord, YouTube

Roll Down the Cookie Game

This game will let you exercise your facial muscles. All you need is a cookie.


  1. You need at least 3 players to play.
  2. Prepare 3 the same cookies and give them to each player.
  3. Let them put their respective cookies on their foreheads. They must roll down the cookie to their mouths without falling.
  4. If the cookie falls, or if they touch it with their hands, they’re eliminated.
Source: Outscord, YouTube

Stocking Guessing Game

This one is something most of us would know how to play.


  1. Form 2 teams with the same number of players.
  2. Prepare a theme. For example, Filipino movie titles. Write each movie title in a card and place the cards in a fishbowl, pail, box or any container
  3. The objective is to get your team to guess the answer using gestures alone.
  4. There should be one representative from each team who will pick a card and express its text (movie title) using gestures alone. If your team manages to guess it, you earn one point.
  5. Each team member should take turns picking a card.
  6. The team that first reaches five points wins.
Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, YouTube

Scavenger Hunt

Prepare small prizes that you can hide in your party venue. At least prizes will do. Everyone can join in this game.


  1. Announce to everyone that you have hidden some prizes in some locations.
  2. Give them clues as to where the items are hidden.
  3. The people who find the items get to keep them.
Source: That YouTub3 Family, YouTube

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