Cebu City Hall

The Cebu City Hall is a historical building that has been and still is the seat of the governing people of the city, the mayor and vice mayor of Cebu City. The legislative and executive offices are within its walls. To brief you, the mayor, vice mayor and all sixteen councilors are democratically elected by the public to a three year term. The city administrator’s office is also located in the City Hall. The city administrator handles day to day operations within the city.

Newly renovated and enhanced to keep up with the changing times, the Cebu City Hall now boasts of a cleaner, more comfortable ambiance than of the late. It is located right in front of the Magellan’s Cross at Magallanes Street, Cebu City. Clustered within the same area is the Sto Nino Basilica, the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (the government-owned water district), the Cebu City Hall and the Malacanang of Cebu. Just a few kilometers ahead is the SRP (South Reclamation Project) which allows you to travel to Talisay City in just less than an hour.

If locals need to apply for a business permit, amusement taxes and other licenses, the City Hall is the place to go to. Among the offices within the Cebu City Hall are the Civil Security Unit, Economic Enterprise Revenue Collection Division, Tax Delinquency Task Force/ Land Tax, Occupation Permit Section, Cash Receipts Division, Business Taxes and Fees Division, Tax Amusement, Office of the City Treasurer, Tax Inspection Examination Division, Cash Disbursement Division, Tax Mapping of Business Establishments, Office of the Asst. City Treasurer, Property Accountable Forms Division, CAO Administrative Section, City Budget Office (CBO) and Office of the City Accountant. A complete list of the offices in the Cebu City Hall can be found at its official website