The Best of Cebu's Cities and Municipalities

No doubt that Cebu has become one of the top destinations here in the Philippines. Cebu has plenty to offer to the Filipinos as well as to the tourists. Cebu is the place that will surely give you an ultimate experience.

Cebu is known to have beautiful beaches and resorts. The white sands, the diving spots and the rich marine life are the things that make people visit these beaches and resorts many times. If you are a nature lover, there are several nature parks in Cebu. If you want adventure, there are also venues in Cebu that can surely give the kind of adventure you are looking for.

But, Cebu has more than to offer other than the beaches and the nature parks. All the best things that Cebu can offer can be found in its many cities and municipalities.


Whale Shark Watching

The municipality recently becomes popular because of the appearance of the Whale Shark (Butanding) in Tan-awan, Oslob which is 10 kilometers away from the heart of the town. Whale shark watching has become an attraction in the town. You can swim with the whale sharks and get to see them up close. Just be responsible though when you visit the whale sharks – do not touch; do not ride them as they can hardly support their body weight. Oslob is in the south part of Cebu. To get there, ride public bus (air conditioned or not) bound to Oslob in the South Bus Terminal near Elizabeth Mall and Land Transportation Office (LTO) Cebu City  then tell the conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Tan-awan Barangay Hall. From there, walk few steps until you reach the blue gate with the sign “Whale Shark Watching”, get inside and pay the fees.

Entrance fee: P 100.00

Watching fee: P 300.00 for locals and P 500.00 for foreigners

There are separate fees for snorkling and diving. You must visit the place before it gets dark.

Sumilon Island

The 24 hectare coral island is located in Bacogon, Oslob. The island has four diving sites. To get there, you may ride a public bus or van-for-hire in the South Bus Terminal. It is a 3 hours travel. From the port of Oslob, there are pumpboats available to bring you to the island.


White Beach (Bas dako)

The municipality is 89 kilometers away from Cebu City. It will take 2 and a half hours travel to reach Moalboal which is known to have nice beaches and diving spots. One of the great beaches in Moalboal is the White Beach or commonly known as Bas dako – with white sands and crystal clear water. You only have to pay P 5.00 for the entrance fee in order to enjoy fully the beautiful beach. There are also cottages available for only P 250.00. To get there you may ride a public bus or van-for-hire from the South Bus terminal and ask the conductor to drop you at Basdako. From the dropping point, you need to ride a tricycle and then you are there.


Samboan is located approximately 140 kilometers from the heart of Cebu. It is known because of its rich marine environment and beaches and falls with crystal clear water. When you visit the place you can visit the Colase Marine Sanctuary in barangay Colase, the Aguinid Falls in barangay Tangbo, Dao Falls, Tabon Falls and the Bonbon Hidded falls in barangay Bonbon which is commonly known as a Triple Drop Falls. To get there, you may take a public bus or van-for-hire bound to Samboan. It will take 3 to 4 hours before you reach the municipality. So you can still take a nap or enjoy the reach coastal views of the other municipalities.


Tingko Beach

The beach is known because of its wonderful rock formation lying in the white coastal line located in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy. You can also see the beautiful sunset and sunrise in the beach. There is no entrance fee but you have to pay for the cottages.

Cottange Rental fee: P 600 to P 1,000.00

To get there, take a publis bus bound for Bato via Oslob in the outh Bus Terminal near Elizabeth Mall and Land Transportation Office (LTO) Cebu City and ask the conductor to drop you at the Tingko Beach. Carefully cross the street and you are there.


Riverstone Castle

The man-made castle is located in Jomgao, Argao. With the swimming pools and the mini zoo, Riverstone Castle is the perfect place to relax and have fun. You can also feel that you are really in a castle with princes and princesses. There are also armored stone knights guarding the castle and spiraling staircases. To get there, you may ride a public bus or van-for-hire in the South Bus terminal and ask the conductor to drop you at the corner of the mainroad of Riverstone Castle. From there, ride a tricycle, trisikad or motorcycle or commonly called as “habal-habal”.

Entrance fee: P 40.00 for adults and P 30.00 for children below 5 years old.

Argao Nature Park

The park is perfect for nature lovers and for those who seeks adventure. For only P 5.00 entrance fee, you can enjoy the mini-zoo. If you want to experience a boat ride in the small fish pond, pay another P 5.00. There is also a zip line available for you to try for only P 20.00. The zip line is not too high though – not enough to make you scream.


It’s the best delicacy in Argao made out of flour, sugar, eggs and it uses “tuba” or fermented coconut wine instead of yeast. It’s a cup-cake like pastry which is sweet and larger than the usual cup-cake. It is cook in clay furnace and not in the usual ovens.


Obong Spring

The spring is located in barangay Obong which is 2 and a half hours travel from Cebu City. To get there, you ride a bus in South Bus Terminal bound to Oslob or Bato via Dalaguete and as the conductor to drop you at Obong Spring. With the P 10.00 entrance fee you can really enjoy the cool water of the spring.

Osmeña Peak (Tanawan)

It is located in Mantalongon. This is best for those who love to climb. To get there, ride a bus from the South Bus terminal and ask the conductor to drop you at Mantalogon Market which is the entry point of Osmeña Pak and the exit point is in Matutinao, Badian, Cebu.


Kawasan Falls

It is located in Matutina, Badian which is 115 kilometers from the heart of Cebu.  For only P 10.00 entrance fee, you can enjoy the exotic and nice ambiance of the falls and swim in the cool water. The place is ideal for picnic as well. There are cottages available for only P 300.00 rental fee. You can also rent the rafts for only P 300.00. There are also food available for P 80.00 to P 200.00.



Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (Birhen sa Simala)

The place is commonly known as Berhin sa Simala which is located in Lindogon, Simala in Sibonga. The holy place is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm. The place is known to be miraculous. Hence, there are many people who came there to ask guidance, blessing and miracles from the Blessed Holy Mary. It will take 1 and a half hour of travel by bus from the South Bus Terminal. Ride a bus or van-for-hire bound for Argao and ask the driver or the conductor to drop you off at the corner of the main road to Simala then ride a tricycle. Remember this always: do not wear informal attire such as tubes, fitting pants, mini skirts and shorts.


Carcar City is located 40 kilometers away from Cebu City. It is known to be the Cebu Shoe Capital since it is the premier footwear manufacture in Cebu. Also, the city is known to have the delicious delicacies such as ampao (sweetened rice crispy), bucarillo (colored coconut candy) and chicharon (pork rind cracklings). All these food are available in the whole city.



Crocolandia is located in Biasong, Talisay City which is 45 minutes ride from the City of Cebu. It is a mini zoo with crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards and birds. For just P 100.00 entrance fee for adults and P 50.00 for kids below 11 years old, you and your children can fully enjoy and appreciate nature and wildlife. To get there, ride a jeepney to Talisay City. From the City’s main market, ride a tricycle and it will bring you to Crocolandia. You may call (032) 273 – 1842 for more information and reservations.


Sinulog Festival

The popular Sinulog festival is held on every 3rd Sunday of January in Cebu City. It is a traditional festival in Cebu where people dance to the rhythms of drums, trumpets and native gongs. The festival is participated by the different municipalities and cities of Cebu and other places in the Philippines. Also, there are smaller versions of Sinulog Festival being held in the different places in Cebu.

Historical Places

Cebu City is known to have rich historical places and landmarks including Basilica of Minor del Sto.Niño, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia. All these are created during the time of Spaniards here in the Philippines. You may ride a taxi to reach these places or ride a public jeepney with the sign “Sto. Niño” (to go to Basilica of Minor del Sto.Niño), City Hall (to go to Magellan’s Cross) and Plaza (if you want to go to Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia).


It is located in the Busay which is 30 to 45 minutes ride from the city. When you visit this place its really like you are in the top of the world – you get the wonderful view of Cebu City and Mactan. You have to pay P 100.00 for the entrance fee. The place is ideal for picnic. To get there, you ride a taxi (expensive) or a public jeepney and from JY Square Mall in Lahug, ride a motorcyle or “habal-habal”.

Mountain View Nature Park

The nature park is located in Busay, Cebu City. You can get there through taxi, van-for-hire or public jeepney and motorcyle. When you ride a public jeepney, from JY Square Mall in Lahug, ride a motorcycle and tell the driver to take you to mountain view. But for your safety, it is better to ride taxi, though it is expensive. The park offers camping sites, children’s park, swimming pool, picnic tables, hanging bridge, mini zoo, karaoke and many more – making it the perfect place for family, friends and lovers. The entrance fee is only P 50.00. There’s no corkage fee so you can freely bring food of your choice.


Mactan Shrine

One of the must visit places in Lapulapu City is the Mactan Shrine where you can see the 20 meters bronze monument of Lapulapu- the Cebuano Hero. There are souvenir shops in the shrine where you can buy accessories and guitars at lower prices and Sutokil (which is an abbreviation for Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw, literally meaning: Grill, With Soup, Raw with Seasoning and Vinegar) restaurants that serves extra ordinary sea food dishes. You can reach the place by taxi from the City of Cebu of from Mactan International Airport. You may also ride a public jeepney bound to Punta Engaño and ask the driver to drop you off in the Shrine.

Kadaugan sa Mactan

It is the reenactment of the historic Battle of Mactan betweeen Magellan and Lapulapu. It is held annually and has become an attraction. Take note that known actors and personalities are requested to take the major roles of Lapulapu and Magellan. So don’t miss it every year.

Olango Island

Other than the historical places, there is also rich marine life in Lapu-Lapu City. There is the marine and bird sanctuaries that will surely make you appreciate the beauty of nature and sea creations.



Municipality of Liloan is known to be the place manufacturing the famous and delicious Rosquillos – a uniquely-shaped cookie. Rosquillos is one of the best pasalubongs (gift items) made by Titay’s Rosquilloas and Delicacies. The tasty rosquillos is also available in malls, supermarkets and pasalubong centers in Cebu. Titay’s Rosquillos and Delicacies is located in Poblacion, Liloan Cebu. You can reach the place through public jeepneys bound for Liloan or Compostela. Also you can ride and taxi or van-for-hire.


Uruguay Spring

The natural spring is located in Corte, Carmen. With the entrance fee of P 40.00 and parking fee of P 15.00, you can fully enjoy the cool water from the mountain spring. There is swimming pool available and cottages. To get there, you may ride a public bus from North Bus Terminal and ask the conductor that you are for Uragay Spring, from the corner, you need to ride a motorcycle. You can also ride van-for-hire.


Esoy Hot Spring

The spring is located in Duyan, Catmon. To get there, ride a public bus or mini-bus in North Bus Terminal and tell the conductor that you are for Esoy Hot Spring. From the drop off point, ride a motorcycle. You can also take van-for-hire. Entrance fee in Esoy Hot Spring is P 100.00 for local guests and P 300.00 for foreigner guests.


Ogtong Cave Resort

Ogtong Cave Resort offers 2 swimming pools, underground cave and restaurants. Take note that the swimming pool used fresh spring from the cave. Aside from the swimming pools, you can also take a swim in the clear water in the cave – a natural cave in the middle of the resort. The cave is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Resort Fees:

Entrance fee: P 120.00

Cottage Rental fee: P 300.00

Room Rates: P 1, 600.00 to P 16, 000.00 (depends on the room type)

To get there, you ride a public bus in the North Bus Terminal bound for Hagnaya. It will take 4 to 5 hours travel and when you reach Hagnaya Port, ride a ferry boat to bring you to the resort. It will take less than an hour to cross Santa Fe. But to lessen the travel time, you can ride a taxi or van-for-hire.


One of the best pasalubongs is danggit dried fish. You can choose from salted or unsalted danggit dried fish. It is best paired with hot rice and dipped in spicy vinegar. Danggit dried fish is also available in supermarkets and pasalubong centers in Cebu.

Notes and Tips when travelling to these places:

  •     South Bus Terminal is located in N., Bacalso Ave., Cebu City.

  •     North Bus Terminal is located Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

  •     Choose the mode of transportation that can give you comfort while travelling. You may choose from non-air conditioned and air-conditioned, taxi, van-for-hire or have you on transportation.

  •     For long trips, always make sure you have gone to the rest room first to urinate or defecate if there are no stop-overs in between the travel.

  •     Always be careful and travel safely.

  •     ENJOY! The money and time is all worth it!