A Guide to Avoid THIEVES in Cebu: Malls are Slightly Dangerous

Part III: Malls are Slightly Dangerous

Yes, malls are also dangerous. Tourists, beware. No, it’s not as dangerous as Colon Street (see article HERE http://www.onecebu.com/general-info/advice/question-and-answer-111811-1167.html) but it is also not entirely safe.

For instance, did you know that you could lose your cellphone in a secure coffee shop?

Well a lot of people did. They placed their phone on the table, chatted with their friends and the next thing they knew, their cellphones were gone. So yes, malls are also dangerous. Thieves are actually not quarantined in one area only. They are everywhere.

So when in malls, pay heed:

1. Do not put your cellphone or wallet inside your jean pockets. It is so easy to remove these especially when you are distracted. And these thieves have nimble fingers, mind you.

2. Watch your purchases. Always remember how many shopping bags you have.

3. Do not bring around bags that do not have clasps or zippers. It is so easy to take something inside your bag without your knowledge.

4. Do not wait by the parking lot. Robbers could also wait there. Instead, if you are waiting for someone, find a public place.

5. Do not leave laptops, tablets, expensive accessories and gadgets in your car. Thieves WILL break in to take your things. This has happened a lot.

6. Only change your money in designated and licensed money exchange counters. Don’t trust individuals who come up to you and will claim to change currency while you wait.

7. When eating in mall restaurants, always make sure that you have a clear view of your handbag and your shopping bags.

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