Poor Green Sea Turtles Butchered in Pasil, Cebu

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On December 11, 2018, kilos of green turtle meat were confiscated in a small eatery located at Barangay Pasil, Cebu City. The meat are cooked and sold for Php 90 per serving.

The green turtle meat stew is believed to boost sex drive. (Cue in the eyeroll).

One of the turtles even has a tag which indicated that it was saved by wildlife conservationist of Environment Protection Department in Sandakan, Malaysia but has been released in open sea. The helpless turtle ended up being killed in Cebu, Philippines. Sad. Disgusting behavior, humans. Truly.

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Pasil is known for illegal trades in wildlife and after months of investigation, the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) -Region Vll and DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources)-Region Vll conducted the entrapment operation Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

Five were arrested: Donesa Bustamante (cashier), Cresley Obatay (cook) and helpers Ariesteo Pableo, Julio Abunta and Clifford Obatay. They will be arrested for multiple counts of possessing, trading and killing endangered species.

BE INFORMED: Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act

Source: cebudailynews.inquirer.net

Green sea turtles are considered endangered species and protection for them are strictly implemented under the Republic Act No. 9147, “Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act”.

Under Chapter lV, Section 27: Illegal Acts. — Unless otherwise allowed in accordance with this Act, it shall be unlawful for any person to willfully and knowingly exploit wildlife resources and their habitats, or undertake the following acts:

(a) killing and destroying wildlife species, except in the following instances;

  • (i) when it is done as part of the religious rituals of established tribal groups or indigenous cultural communities;
  • (ii) when the wildlife is afflicted with an incurable communicable disease;
  • (iii) when it is deemed necessary to put an end to the misery suffered by the wildlife;
  • (iv) when it is done to prevent an imminent danger to the life or limb of a human being; and
  • (v) when the wildlife is killed or destroyed after it has been used in authorized research or experiments.

(b) inflicting injury which cripples and/or impairs the reproductive system of wildlife species;

(c) affecting any of the following acts in critical habitat(s):

  • (i) dumping of waste products detrimental to wildlife;
  • (ii) squatting or otherwise occupying any portion of the critical habitat;
  • (iii) mineral exploration and/or extraction;
  • (iv) burning;
  • (v) logging; and
  • (vi) quarrying

(d) introduction, reintroduction or restocking of wildlife resources;
(e) trading of wildlife;
(f) collecting, hunting or possessing wildlife, their by-products and derivatives;
(g) gathering or destroying of active nests, nest trees, host plants and the like;
(h) maltreating and/or inflicting other injuries not covered by the preceding paragraph; and
(i) transporting of wildlife.

The arrested person might get 6-12 years of imprisonment and bail from Php 100,000 up to 1 Million. Yikes.

We’re not the only inhabitants of this planet. Think sustainable, dili unahon ang pagka ingorante, diba mga Cebuanos?

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