Best Peaks in Cebu for Trekking

Source: SummerDaysPh, TripAdvisor

Are you one who is always up for adventure? How about trekking?

If you are, check out these peaks that will you the best views of Cebu from above!

Osmeña Peak

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located in Brgy. Mantalongon, Municipality of Dalaguete (South Cebu), Osmeña Peak is the highest peak in the province of Cebu (1,000 MASL). You can see Badian Island and it's shoreline from Osmeña Peak. The entrance fee is 20 Pesos per person.

Casino Peak


Here’s another sight to behold in Brgy. Lugsangan, Dalaguete, Cebu. It is relatively near Osmeña Peak that will also give you the same gorgeous view.

Mt. Naupa


Mt. Naupa is located in Brgy. Cogon, Naga City, Cebu. It is 584 MASL. Unlike other peaks, there's no entrance fee here! You can stay as much as you like. Of course, make sure you leave the place as clean.

Mt. Kan-Irag (Sirao Peak)


Mt. Kan-Irag (Sirao Peak) is located in Sirao, near the Sirao Gardens. It is 700+ MASL. There's no entrance fee. It also gives you a great view of Mandaue City up to Cebu area.

Final Note

All this peaks have a “Leave no Trace Policy” to preserve and protect the nature.

In addition, remember these things before going on your trek: 

✔ Wear comfortable trekking attire

✔ Bring bottled water and food

✔ Extra batteries or power banks for your gadgets

✔ A flashlight with extra batteries (because you never know)

✔ Avoid over packing your backpack.

✔ Be attentive. Some trails are slippery and rocky.


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