What should you put on your resume?

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Writing your resume is a very important step through the journey of getting a job. Human Resources will read it in a minute, and it's either you can proceed to the job interview or it will be tossed in a trash bin just like others.

After you've chosen a job to apply for, your doubts come quickly. Will I make it? Of course you can and knowing how to write a good resume will give you a chance.

Resume is a written summary of your education, work experience, accomplishments and skills. It isn't just a piece of paper but the version of yourself. Your selling yourself to stand out and get the job right? So, you should advertise yourself.

Important details you shouldn't miss in writing your resume:

  1. Name/Contact Info
  2. Summary Paragraph
  3. Employment History
  4. Skills
  5. Education
  6. Awards/Achievements
  7. References

Avoid these mistakes

Totally easy to tell and write but most of the people still make mistakes upon writing their resumes. Take this note to avoid these common mistakes! 


❗ Grammatical Error and Typos

If you know how to use grammar apps, it is an advantage. 


❗ Attempting to have it all in One Size

If your resume is longer, take another paper. 


❗ Lack of Specific

You should be specific.


❗ Writing too long and too short

Write the important details, be clear of what you want to tell.


❗No Action verbs

Use action words instead. You should focus on yourself.


❗ Leaving off important details

Important means it is important. Don't miss them.


❗ Bad Objective

Your objective is not how you meet your employer's needs. It is about you, what you want from your career.


❗Cursive, Calligraphy or Hand-written Fonts

Use easily read fonts like Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, Cambria and Garmond. Font size ranges between 10.5 - 12. 


You can always search in the internet for references, resume samples, and tips. If your still confused, search for a colleague for help.

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