Ever Dream This Man?

Source: thisman.org

A patient drew a man the person kept on seeing in his dreams for a psychiatrist in New York, 2006.

The psychiatrist left the drawing on the table for a few days only for another patient to tell the psychiatrist that the patient sees that man in his or her dream also.

This Man

Intrigued by this, the psychiatrist sent this to other colleagues and as of now at least 2,000 people around the world have testified seeing this man in their dreams. 

Creeped out yet?

There is a website dedicated to finding this man: http://www.thisman.org/

Source: thisman.org

There are theories to as to who this man is. He may be just a collective unconscious construct in helping deal with issues, a casual manifestation of a face since we do not precisely remember the faces of people in our dreams, and some believe he could even be god or a divine being. There are also theories that say he is a dream surfer or simply we are just imitating what we see because we are impressed by it and it just started because of that drawing. Whatever you believe in, if you have seen him share your story now and if not, good luck sleeping.