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Pinoy Urban Legends 6: Cat in the Siopao

A running urban legend told in the Philippines is the ‘Cat in the Siopao’.

Pinoy Urban Legends 8: The Injection

So you guys seem to enjoy reading urban legends. Well, well, well. Here's more to scare you *evil laugh*.

Pinoy Urban Legends 9: Robinsonssssss

Yes, the old but gold legend about the Robinsons Malls owner.

Pinoy Urban Legends 10: The 13th Floor

Ever went to a building and wondered why in the elevator there is no 13th floor or instead of 13 there is the letter M or a subfloor of a 12 or 14?

Pinoy Urban Legends 11: My Way Curse

If you know this song by Sinatra, I suggest you don’t sing this in a karaoke—and no it is not because of your voice (partly).

Pinoy Urban Legends 12: The Cebu Normal University Night Guard Rounds

There is a story I heard about a Cebu Normal University night guard where he was doing his round only for something to happen on the third floor of the Nursing Building when he checked there.

Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Barili

Barili is one of the agricultural towns in Cebu, the major income source of the residents are farming and fishing.

Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Malabuyoc

Malabuyoc is approximately 125 kilometers southwest coast of Cebu. It belongs to the 7th district and 5th income class municipality. It is a beautiful town in agriculture and fruit-bearing trees. In fruit seasons, the trees “bent down” to the ground which is “buyoc” in Cebuano and became Malabuyoc.

Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Ronda

Ronda was formerly called as “Holoyaw”, one of the barangay of Barili. It was been renamed by Spaniards and became an independent municipality in 1913 through Philippine Assembly.

Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Aloguinsan

Aloguinsan was one of the Barrio's of Pinamungajan. It was founded to become a Municipality in 1886 by the Royal Decree of Kingdom of Spain.

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